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WE WON!!!!

*Straight off the feild from Megan and Adriana!!!!

"Whooo Hoo we won against Kingsville!!!We're so proud of our boys.They did an awesome job!!!!:)"

...And to all the people who thought our team sucks this year you have just been told because our team is awesome, they came out with a great WIN!!!


*Well i havent had time to update this thing for while bc ive been super busy with school!

*Homecoming-Its gonna be awesome!Just like Megan said without a date ill have more FUN!!lol I still dont know who im going with....

*The Crazy Stuff This Week-Slippers on Monday, Twin Tuesday, Wacky Hair Wednesday,Thursday Crazy Socks, Friday WEAR GREEN for our team!!! Funny Stuff lol

Well im out.....

*Hopefully this win wont be the last and just get us ready to take on our district teams!


~>Leave Me One!!!

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