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* football practice...

well last night i went and partied with some carroll people. and they just so happen to be football players. well it was me, rachael, and tyler that were from king and we went with will and justin to tommy olsbergs house cause his parents were out of town. we all sat there drunk (except for tyler) and argued about football and i said "you know what fuck you carroll bitches, king is still gonna fuckin put up a good fight cause im the manager and i know" and tommy falls out of his chair laughing and he was like "fuck king were gonna kick yalls ass" and idk we argued about a lot of shit for a long time then tommy jumped off the roof into the pool. neways yea tommy is going to the woodlands today to talk to the coaches who want him to go up there and play. the woodlands have a BADASS football program in case u didnt know. they said theyd pay for all his living expenses. hes a really good football player but wtf hes supposed to go to king so he said elam hates him. then will was telling us how all their guys take steroids and i was like uum... DUH!! hahah yea our guys are all natural (seriously) maybe like one guy takes them but thats just that. sorry for rambling on and on and on. i love football cant wait till tomorrow :)

<3 megan
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